"Meeting to Meet Needs" is a little more than a year old. While I already have a ton of material available on the site, I continue to add content. Here are my current projects.

Collecting examples of churches with men's team ministries to their widowed and single parents for "Case Studies" section. Learn from the experiences of other churches.

Uploading more books in "Book Quotes" section. Become well-read on the subject of men's ministry and other related topics.

Completing last three of six installments of "Start a Men's Team Ministry" webinars. This series walks you through the process of starting a men's team ministry to your widowed and single parents step by step. (Finished.)

Adding interviews in "Interviews" section so you can learn from the best men's ministry leaders in America.

Developing a private Facebook member page where members can comment and share videos and photos of their men's team ministries. (Finished.)

I continue to write my blog, "Doing Good Well," three times a week. It's archived on the membership site, where you can search the archive by word, phrase, category and topic.

Developing a Bonus Section. It will explore the topic of how to apply the love of Christ in our neighborhoods. (Finished.)

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