Bored Ward is fifty-five years old and has been married thirty years to his wonderful wife, Karen, with whom he has raised two children. With both of those children grown and gone, Bored Ward senses a void in his life. 

So, he decides to join the men’s ministry at his church. Unfortunately, the men’s ministry, which consists of a pancake breakfast one Saturday morning each month, is itself boring. 

And that makes Bored Ward even more bored.  

Not knowing how to help the men’s ministry at church develop purpose and direction, Bored Ward just settles in for the long haul. 

Maybe he’ll at least make some friends and hear some good stories, he thinks.  

One day, Bored Ward hears about men’s team ministry to widows, widowers and single parents in churches. Sensing that this might be just the thing for the men’s ministry at his church, Bored Ward checks out “Meeting to Meet Needs” at 

He learns that the website will teach him about men’s team ministry and show him how to start it at his church for just $14.99 a month. 

Bored Ward joins the membership site, learns about the Love of Christ, how it applies to the widowed and single parents in his church, and how to use teams of men to show that love.  

Then Bored Ward goes to the leader of his men’s ministry and asks if he can start a men’s team ministry in his church. The leader gives his approval and Bored Ward, following the simple step-by-step instructions on the website, starts the ministry.  

Suddenly, Bored Ward realizes that God is using him to mobilize men in his church to meet very significant needs. 

Bored Ward sees the lives of the widowed and single parents at church change dramatically, his men get really passionate about men’s ministry, and his church becomes filled with the love of Christ.  

Bored Ward then goes to the county courthouse and changes his name to Fulfilled Phil.  

Don’t be a Bored Ward.  

Be a Fulfilled Phil.  

Join Meeting to Meet Needs.