First Way - Steal Our Idea!  

Actually, men's team ministry to the widowed and single parents isn't our original idea anyway. We learned about men's team ministry about twenty years ago from a church in Nebraska. We've been popularizing it ever since.  

Our goal is to help churches mobilize their men to meet pressing needs. You're welcome to take the men's team ministry concept and implement it in your church any way you wish.  

Second Way - Start a Men's Team Ministry for $1  

That's right. You really can start a men's team ministry in your church for $1. You can join Meeting to Meet Needs for a one week trial for $1, download any material you wish, including all of our training material with permission to copy it, and then cancel your membership. If you do so within one week, your total cost will be $1. The steps to do this are on the next page.

Third Way - Stick Around and Start a Men's Team Ministry using Meeting to Meet Needs

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. If you continue with Meeting to Meet Needs, we can take you through the process of using the men in your church to minister to people with long term needs step by step. Along the way, you'll learn tons of things about men's ministry in general.

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