• Why every church must focus on meeting the pressing needs in its congregation.
  • The difference between pressing needs and non-pressing needs.
  • The three types of pressing needs in every church.
  • A strategy for meeting pressing needs.
  • How to mobilize your men to meet pressing needs.
  • How to train your men in the love of Christ.
  • How the three unique qualities of the love of Christ apply to meeting pressing needs.
  • A practical men's team ministry model for applying the love of Christ to pressing needs.
  • The role of good works in the Christian life.
  • God's heart for the widowed and single parent.
  • How to introduce your pastor and church to men's team ministry.
  • How to implement men's team ministry in your church.
  • How to maximize the involvement of your men in your men's team ministry.
  • How to hold an orientation meeting.
  • How to form teams of men.
  • How to recruit care receivers.
  • Ways to simplify administering your men's team ministry.
  • How to lead a devotional hour.
  • How to evaluate your men's team ministry.
  • How other churches are doing men's team ministry.
  • How to use your men's team ministry to grow your men in other areas.
  • Men's ministry resources that are available around the nation.
  • Who the major men's ministry leaders in the country are and what their vision for men's ministry is.

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